Using Scholastic News with English Learners

Scholastic News can serve as a powerful scaffold for English learners. Use our rich array of online differentiation tools to help students at various stages of language development engage with content standards and experience academic success.

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Engaging Visual Support

Grab readers’ attention and help improve comprehension with knowledge-building graphics, including photos, maps, graphs, and charts.

Closed-Captioned Videos

Play our closed-captioned videos before reading to help students build background knowledge, increase reader engagement, and develop language proficiency.

Vocabulary Slideshows

Preview topic-related vocabulary from the issue with student-friendly definitions and example sentences. Each word and definition includes visual and audio support.

Read-Aloud Audio

Develop fluency and receptive language skills with this audio feature. Students can follow along as each word is highlighted as the text is read aloud. This feature is also an effective way to facilitate independent reading.

Printable Spanish Editions

Use the Spanish editions to strengthen reading comprehension skills and boost confidence. Students can read the Spanish version before reading the English version in class. Share articles with your Spanish-speaking families to inspire active engagement of students and families.